The Morning Service:
The Lord Calls Us into His Presence

Call to Worship
Hymn of Adoration and Praise
Prayer of Adoration
The Lord Forgives Us in Christ

Confession of Sin
Declaration of Pardon
Hymn of Ascent
The Lord Teaches Us Through His Word

Old Testament Reading
Responsive Psalter Reading
Epistle Reading
Gospel Reading
Hymn of Celebration
Lesson of the Day
Prayer for Illumination
Prayer of Consecration
Nicene Creed
Gloria Patri
The Lord Receives Our Gifts

We Offer Ourselves to God Through Tithes and Offerings
Prayer of Dedication
Prayer of the Church and the Lord's Prayer
The Lord Communes with Us at His Table

The Bread
Song of Joy at the Table
The Wine
The Lord Blesses Us and Sends Us Out

Hymn of Dismissal
Our Lord's Charge
Three-fold Amen